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Ok, so you're pregnant and wondering what the heck you do next, right?

Ever wondered why we (as a society) spend so long planning our weddings so they're just right, or browsing properties to find the home that gives us the feeling, or researching pushchairs for the one that ticks all the boxes, yet seem to disregard planning for our baby's birth as a pointless exercise?

In fact, you might have heard just that.  There's no point having a birth plan as you'll just be disappointed.

Well I'm telling you that those people are misinformed.  Birth plans may change but having a plan for different eventualities means you know your options.

We wouldn't run a marathon without preparation and we'd feel sick at the thought of sitting an exam without having studied first.  Birth is no different.  Yes the baby will come out regardless.  But this is a life-changing event.  It's a majorly important day in the movie of our lives. 

Yes you can birth your baby with no additional knowledge.  Our bodies know what to do - THEY ARE AMAZING.

But (and it's a big but) our bodies were not created to contend with the modern day maternity system.  We are so lucky in the UK to have an outstanding maternity system, with care given not only by top-notch doctors but also by fantastic midwives (something other countries aren't so fortunate to have).  However, we are moving more and more towards a model which minimises risk by providing care for the average woman and baby.  Our system focuses on time limits, age limits, weight limits.  We take everything down to the lowest risk possible for everyone, disregarding the fact that we are all individuals and that what works for one woman won't work for another.  Our bodies (and minds) have not evolved to this everyman system; deep down, our natural birthing instincts expect us to still birth like mammals do.

And this is where our birth preparation comes in, meaning it is not a pointless exercise at all.

By knowing your choices, by understanding your rights and by realising the positive effects that you are able to have using environment, actions and belief in your own abilities, you are able to step out of the one-size-fits-all system and move towards owning your labour and the birth of your baby.

My private hypnobirthing classes are tailored to you.  We can create a bespoke antenatal class that suits you, and we have time to focus on the parts that will effect you most, or go over subjects that need more time to help you understand them. 

If this sounds like something you could get onboard with, or you're thinking "ooh, please tell me more!" then give me a call or drop me an email to have a chat about how hypnobirthing can work for you.




Bespoke hypnobirthing and doula services in West Sussex.



Email: nicky@westsussexhypnobirthing.co.uk

Phone: 07714 311286

If you are interested in group classes which are completely inclusive and designed for the whole community, with subsidised classes available for those on a low wage, then please take a look at Glow Births CIC www.glowbirthsandbabies.co.uk

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