What is hypnobirthing?


You might have heard about hypnobirthing.  Kate and Megan are both reported to have learnt it for their births, as have various other celebrities.  It often gets lumped in with pain relief options in books, or the media run a story about women who have orgasmic births because of it.  When I learnt it in 2014 for my first pregnancy it was pretty rare, whereas now there's been a bit of a hypno-revolution!

However, a lot of misconceptions still exist.  Doesn't it mean you're not allowed pain relief and instead have to have births where you don't make a sound and look beautiful and serene?  Maybe your friend read a book and listened to a hypnobirthing track once but it was rubbish and didn't work so it's a load of old codswallop?  It's definitely only for vegans who want lotus births, to practice attachment parenting and to go and live in a commune right?


There are lots of assumptions about hypnobirthing (most not as extreme as above, others even weirder!).  In reality hypnobirthing is whatever you want it to be. 


You can use it during pregnancy to help with stress and bonding, you can use the theory in early labour to create the right environment for you to labour in, you can use it in active labour instead of pain relief or you can use it alongside traditional forms of pain relief.  You can use it all the way through, or just the beginning or just the end.  You can use the breathing without the audios, or listen to the audios but breathe however you want.  You can use it at home or hospital, in inductions or caesareans.  You can have a gentle birth where you stay silent and still, or you can move & stomp or do tribal dancing while chanting. 


 Do whatever works for you.  If it helps then it's done its job. 



The course


My standard hypnobirthing workshop includes 10-12 hours of teaching covering:


  • A fully bespoke course tailored to your individual circumstances
  • What hypnobirthing is and the principles behind it
  • Releasing fears, anxieties and negative emotions
  • Getting your mind and body to work together rather than fighting each other
  • Birth videos and stories and discussions about them; understanding that the 'ideal' birth will be different for everyone and our idea of this may change throughout our labour
  • How to create the birth environment you want
  • How birth works - the changes our body goes through and the journey our baby makes
  • What your choices are in labour and how to get the information you need for the choices
  • Alternative births and the questions to ask to feel comfortable with those decisions
  • The role of the birth partner and what they can do to feel not just involved, but a vital part of the birth team
  • Breathing techniques 
  • What comes next (the bit after your baby arrives)
  • How to use the techniques that you've learnt to enter parenthood confidently
  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves or The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill
  • Colour & Calm audio to use for your relaxations with the option of purchasing further relaxation audios
  • Parent pack with full notes including scripts and addional notes and articles that you might find helpful on a memory stick, and a special gift bag for you and your baby worth a RRP of about £55.
  • Discounts for my other courses.




For parents who wish to have a comprehensive antenatal package (eg, if you are not planning on taking any other antenatal sessions) there is the option of adding on the Practical Baby Care session (2-3 hours), which includes:


  • Newborn behaviour - the golden hour, what is 'normal' newborn behaviour, the fourth trimester and how to make the transition easier for you and your baby
  • Baby feeding - discussion about breastfeeding and how it differs to formula feeding.  We look at tips for the early days to make breastfeeding easier, some of the common issues that mums might face in their breastfeeding journey and where to get help if they arise. Bottle feeding, looking at both expressing milk and preparing formula with some ideas and tips to help with those options.
  • Safe sleeping and routines
  • The chance to change nappies (disposable and cloth) using dolls with some top tips
  • Discussion about babywearing with the option of trying some different slings to get an idea of how they feel, with signposting of where to go for more in depth discussion.
  • Dressing baby - what goes where, how many layers and when, and tips to make your life easier.



In addition to above I can also tailor courses to make them bespoke to your circumstances, with adjusted teaching time as needed.  Examples are; extreme fear release, preparing for a caesarean or VBAC, and refresher courses.  These can also be arranged as small group sessions if you are on an alternative antenatal course and a few of you would like to do hypnobirthing.


I am more than happy to have a chat at any time about the different options to see whether they are right for you (and whether I'm the right teacher for you). 


Taster classes are also available; free classes run at my house or via Skype and paid taster sessions run in Chichester (the cost is refundable against a ful course booking).  To arrange a taster session please contact me.



For information on my other classes including group courses please see my main website www.glowbirthsandbabies.co.uk.







$ 00.00


$ 00.00



Approximately 15 Hours of Teaching


The sessions will run as 5 three-hour sessions.  Again these can be arranged as daytime weekend sessions at my house, or at your home (or a mix of the two) with mileage at 50p per mile.



Approximately 6 Hours of Teaching


I also offer shorter courses for those couples who have done hypnobirthing before or who are already attending a full antenatal course and just wish to practice the hypnobirthing techniques.  The course will be tailored to individual need so teaching time will be discussed prior to booking, but for those who have not practiced hypnobirthing before 2 sessions are recommended.

 These can be held at my home or the client's house with an additional mileage rate of 50p per mile.  


10-12 Hours of Teaching


The classes can be held at my home in Selsey over 4 weekend sessions, or can be held the client's house with greater flexibility; 2x full days, 4x sessions (evenings or weekends).  Sessions held at the client's home will incur mileage cost at a charge of 50p per mile.


Teaching time dependent on requirements


I am able to provide a bespoke course tailored to your requirements.  The cost will vary depending on requirements so please contact me for a chat with no obligation.

On Request




Bespoke hypnobirthing and doula services in West Sussex.



Email: nicky@westsussexhypnobirthing.co.uk

Phone: 07714 311286

If you are interested in group classes which are completely inclusive and designed for the whole community, with subsidised classes available for those on a low wage, then please take a look at Glow Births CIC www.glowbirthsandbabies.co.uk

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