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My name is Nicky, and I'm mum to two small humans, one big rabbit, and a teeny-tiny dog.


I decided to train as an antenatal teacher as I felt so passionately that women should have access to a really solid antenatal education. 

I had done antenatal classes when I was pregnant with my first but found they hadn't prepared me at all, and I hadn't anticipated just

how important it would be to actually know things about the birth process!  When things didn't turn out the way I had been led to expect

they would I felt unprepared and out of control.  


When I was pregnant with my second child I thought I could either spend the pregnancy dreading the labour, worrying about it turning

out like the first, or I could educate myself about why things turned out the way they did.  So I did a different type of antenatal class and

started attending Positive Birth Movement meetups and it was a revelation.  Finally things that had been clouded in mystery about my

first labour became clear.  And while I released my negative thoughts about my first birth I did start to become really angry that these things, that should have been taught as standard in my very expensive antenatal classes, had been kept from us as though we were only capable of playing silly games and chatting about 'safe' topics. 


Although my second labour wasn't a 'perfect' birth I felt much more a part of the labour rather than feeling it was something being done to me, and I left feeling positively about the birth, and more importantly that I had done a good job!  In my case it was as simple as understanding my choices and managing my expectations.  I strongly believe (and know from conversations with clients and friends) that you can have positive births that are induced, or by caesarean, or with pain relief or without pain relief.  The power is within us.


So my antenatal classes focus on teaching women to fully understand how birth works, and treating them like adults who deserve to know and understand their rights. 


In 2018 I decided to also train as a hypnobirthing teacher (having used it within my first labour - a tricky back to back presentation) so I could help couples release any fear or negative thoughts during pregnancy, understand the connection between the mind and body during labour and how we need the two to work together, and to have a technique to use during the labour to help them stay relaxed and utilise that mind-body connection.  


I'm really excited to now be running the mother of hypnobirthing workshops.  Bringing together all the elements of my antenatal classes (with topics and activities designed to promote discussion and get you to think about assumptions and perspective) and the fantastic Hypnobirthing course, my classes really are comprehensive and designed to feel empowering.

In 2019, I decided to focus more heavily on supporting women both during and after birth, and offer doula services (for birth and postnatally) and the TBR Three Step Rewind programme for birth trauma.  This has been a natural extension of my work with women and in maternity, and I am an avid campaigner for improving maternity care and services for all birthing people.






Bespoke hypnobirthing and doula services in West Sussex.



Email: nicky@westsussexhypnobirthing.co.uk

Phone: 07714 311286

If you are interested in group classes which are completely inclusive and designed for the whole community, with subsidised classes available for those on a low wage, then please take a look at Glow Births CIC www.glowbirthsandbabies.co.uk

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